where does leather come from?



Leather comes from many different animals, and not only mammals; birds, fish, and reptiles too. You can use the tanning process to turn just about any animal skin into a usable leather hide. Here are some of the most common, and a few interesting ones too:

The skin of all bovine animals can be tanned, like cow, bull, calf, and buffalo. Goat, sheep, pig, horse… Kangaroo!

Ostrich and chicken. Elephant, rhino and hippo.  Alligator, lizard, toad, all types of snakes. Salmon, tilapia, eel, shark, stingray. Turtle. And many more. 

About 65% of leather comes from cows, 15% from sheep, 11% from goats, and 9% from pigs. The rest, including exotic skins, make up only about 0.2% of the leather market. A few of these skins like turtle and elephant are either illegal today or very strictly regulated.

Below are gorgeous examples of handbags made with some of the more exotic skins. Enjoy!

PS: I'll take the Gucci bag please, for $4,500! What about the Fendi alligator bag for $34,000?  Any other takers?

What is the wildest leather you’ve laid your hands on? For me so far, its toad skin and stingray. The first for its odd ugly beauty and the second because its bumpy texture doesnt really feel like leather.  

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