about Zinaida

Years ago I studied graphic arts and advertising, and perhaps because of that I developed an appreciation for design and form that follows function. It's incredibly satisfying to get your hands dirty and make something that is not only beautiful but also useful. Sewing, pottery, and woodworking come to mind. Leather craft was appealing because it seemed approachable: a few tools, a table, and you're off! 

It started a few years back when on a whim I signed up for a leather course (thank you for the intro Bea!). I've been playing with leather ever since and I'm excited to share with you what I've learned. Working with leather is an adventure -an addictive one I might add- and a great escape from the daily grind. If you've been curious about working with this gorgeous, luxurious, and endlessly versatile material, this is your chance!  I hope you'll join me for a weekend session.  Zinaida

ps: this page wouldn't be complete without mentioning Jack Holland and Peter Nitz who each have so generously shared their knowledge with me. Thank you so much for that; your passion is inspiration!